Insights Study

At InsComm, we will consider the 6Ws of your brand i.e., why, who, what, where, when and to whom. Our consumer research will help us to understand the need- gap analysis of the target audience based on which customized strategies will be created to transform your business from good to great

Why it is Important?

Consumer insights plays a vital role while suggesting marketing strategies, as it also allows the brand to focus more on specific personas rather than the mass audience.

Many times it happens that you will select a particular marketing strategy without studying your target audience and the market, which leads to no gain in sales plus loss in money. Hence, insights study will help you to make a better decision on how, when and what to sell to the target audience and through which medium.

What do we Cater?


Competitive analysis


Customer segmentation


Brand positioning


SWOT analysis


Need-Gap analysis


Communication strategy


Brand naming


Customer journey


Messaging house


Marketing strategy


Execution Plan

How do we do it?

We believe in working as a partner with our client then a mere agency who provides solutions. Before commencing with the work we study the project objectives, client’s expectations and about the brand and its offerings. We start with secondary research- Studying the market trends, growth drivers, competitions analysis etc. which help us to understand market scenarios, challenges and future growth expectations and it also helps to create discussion guides for our primary research.

While doing the secondary research, we simultaneously create respondent profiles and decide on the sample size for the primary research, the research methodologies could be one-one-one discussion, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), observation study, survey or mixed methods. The core objective of the primary research is to identify the challenges, needs, expectations and desires of the target audience.

The insights report consist SWOT analysis of the brand, positioning statement, taglines, brand name, customer segmentation, customer journey, marketing ideas, communication strategy etc. Based on the client’s objective the pointers mentioned above will be incorporated in the in-depth insights study.

New beginnings lead to transformation

We are the right partners, who can help transform your existing communication strategy by suggesting innovative ideas after conducting consumer insights study.
We know how important it is to curate an effective marketing plan for a brand, because it is the bridge which helps the company to connect with the consumers directly.
Give us the opportunity to build a strong and effective bridge between you and your consumer, and you shall surely not regret it.

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